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Feed Additives

As the demand for healthy and nutritious food increases, we witness an exceptional growth in the demand for fish as a food source. Not only does fish supply an excellent source of protein, it also contains Omega -3, vitamins and other minerals essential for a healthy existence.


Modern intensive fish farming faces the constant challenge of managing numerous types of infectious diseases that threaten sustained growth of the aquaculture industry. The failure to implement successful treatment programs, will cause serious reductions in production capacity, resulting in economic losses of billions of US$ per year, worldwide.


Current methods for controlling infectious disease in fish include the eradication of infected populations, aggressive drug therapy (mainly antibiotics) and wide spread application of chemicals. 


Many of these medications have been proven to be severe health hazards for human populations. Others are detrimental through their effect on the environment and non-targeted species.


Regardless of the known health and environmental concerns, they are still widely used in all parts of the industry.



Introducing FarmShieldTM, - a healthy, innovative solution to one of the most serious issues modern fish farming faces - contagious diseases and bacterial illnesses.


FarmShield, is a nature-identical, efficient and cost effective feed additive, safe for human consumption and environmentally friendly. FarmShield is extremely effective against a broad range of pathogens and provides preventive immunity by treating the cause of the illness, rather than the illness itself. Clinical trials show that consumption of FarmShield enhances overall growth and immune performance of aquatic agriculture, thus maintaining fish health and improving farm profitability.



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